Where in the world?

It’s crazy when you think about how many people are in the world. People who have traveled & ones who have never left home. Ones who have moved across town & ones who moved across the country. Some have no choice, when others yearn to see more & do it because they want to.

I grew up in Kentucky. Born & raised! Basically, it’s all I knew besides vacations & what I seen on tv. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I moved to Tennessee; right across the border. It was a thrill for me because I was on my own! I was still driving distance from family, but it was a new state & a new adventure for me. Little did I know that would be the start of my journey.

I love Tennessee. It will always have a special place in my heart. Nashville is a true beauty & encourage anyone to visit there! The mountains are a sight as well! I lived there for about 6 years in total through out the years. I have moved so much in the last 7 years & some how I always ended up back in Tennessee! Maybe that’s a sign or just luck? Some things I just leave to my imagination.

The next state I ended up in was New York.

Long Island was a new world to me. A southern girl in the big city & I was terrified. I was totally out of my comfort zone & it was hard to keep up with how fast pace everything is. This was something I seen on tv & never pictured myself ever living there, but it was the start of my adventure. You don’t really understand a place until you see it with your eyes & breathe the air. Let’s just say when it comes to living; it wasn’t for me. It is a gem all it’s own, but not every place is meant for a person. After my first blizzard that brought 18 inches of snow I knew it was time to pack up & move along. So where did I move to next?


Yes. I went from one side to the other. I had never been on that side of the United States before & had no idea what I would expect! I lived 15 minutes from the border. I was that close to Mexico & seen how we are divided & it’s a weird feeling. I still don’t know how I feel truly about seeing all of that. People would leave water & bread on their porch for the ones coming from Mexico. How could you be mad about that? While border patrol was intense & out to get these people, there are people who are citizens of the United States helping these people. Bread & water might not be much, but it meant the world to whoever took it. How can you not be sad? It was hard to take a side so I didn’t. You could see foot prints in the dirt outside your house from that night. You knew what it was, but it became normal. They aren’t here to hurt you, they are here to have a better life. Life makes no sense. Think about your struggles compared to someone’s else’s.

Sippin’ my tea.

Next state? Georgia.

Right by Savannah. A whole new southern, but it was so interesting that this is a place I explored. I went from Brunswick, all the way up to Charleston, South Carolina! I loved the southern hospitality & abundance of true charm. Hot, humid, & did I say humid? I loved the trees & the feel of the coast, but after a hurricane & being trapped for 3 days I wanted to move closer to my family. Not 16, 31, 8 hours away. So where to next?


That is where I live now. 2 hours away from family & living the best life with the love of my life & precious daughter. I love space & NASA so its been interesting exploring here. I realize that home is where the heart is. I could be anywhere in the world as long as I have these 2 with me.

I don’t enjoy moving; I’ve moved so much in my lifetime, but I have seen so much. 18 years Kentucky was the only place I knew & expected to stay forever. I have learned so much & see things so differently because of how each state is not like the other. Opens your eyes to so many things. I truly believe if people traveled more or even moved, our world could be a happy place again. We would see the world differently.. we would see people differently.. & change could come. Positivity & Faith. Better days are coming.

I believe. I’ll never stop. I hope you don’t either.

The struggle is real, but some struggles could change if our world loved each other & everyone could get along. But.. you know.

Sip sip. Hot tea!