Oh.. hello!

It has been a year since I have wrote anything. I thought life was eventful in 2019! Who knew what 2020 would be like.

Holy. Moly.

I mean. Do I dare talk about anything? Where does one start? I just say “This year has been wild” yet, that’s such a understatement. There’s more words that describe 2020. It has touched us all differently & sadly it’s somehow negative. The only positive for me is being home with my kids. Who wants to be out & about in the mask filled world? A child wearing a mask is a challenge itself. Sigh.

Summer 2019 I found out I was pregnant. My first born is 7. Surprise! That’s exactly what my summer was. I was a beached whale for 9 months & could barely keep my eyes open. My sweet love was born February 19th. We barely dodged the Covid madness. I mean BARELY! I knew we would be locked away in the house just because, you know, new baby & germs are a no no! Well.. I never imagined it being because of the monster of all germs was in town & has overstayed. It was never welcomed, but yet very much invited.

Big sigh.

Has anyone counted the amount of things (big & small) that’s happened in 2020? If you haven’t I would google it. It’s mind blowing & depressing honesty. When will the world be what we knew as “normal” again? Will it just all of a sudden stop? I’m over it. Everything in the world that is making everyone crazy. We aren’t free. We haven’t been in a long time, but this is too much. I think out of everything going on.. what has me the craziest is **Covid & Back to School”.


Where I live.. Covid is spreading like wild fire supposedly. The worst it’s been since it all started, everyday the numbers go up & confirmed cases are rising but school is still opening August 7th. Ready to go. Wear a mask.


Read it again if you must.

So.. opening school next week when Covid is a hot tamale as we speak is logical. School is a very clean place right? Masks are going to work. Kids will wear them without taking them off & they will stay away from one another.. right? It’s not germ filled all year round right? This sounds like the best idea possible. Every county around us has delayed & doing virtual for August atleast but this is for the best.

Keep in mind… we were given 5 days to decide Virtual or in person schooling for our kids & this was the first week of July. If you didn’t choose virtual you can’t choose it now. Basically, sucks to suck. You can change to in person but you can’t change to virtual.

Oh okay.

Out of everything. I mean everything 2020 has thrown at us.. the one thing that has fried my brain to a crisp is school. They will do everything to scare us about Covid but make it clear how the show must go on & kids need to be together again because they will wear their masks all day & everyone will go by the rules due to Covid.

I’m shaking my head. Closing my eyes & just letting out a huge sigh.

I’m tired. 2020 has been so nasty. More ways than one.

Everyone argues. Facebook is the land of drama where adults fight about Covid facts, race facts, president facts, Epstein not killing himself.

SKERT! I’m jumping out of that rabbit hole.

You get what I’m saying though. I just want memes again. People bickering over a meme that’s so irrelevant but that’s living the life to them. Going anywhere & it’s just a “normal” day. I mean I wasn’t living it up, spending money like I won the lotto but I was loving life! I loved my normal. When will this stop? When will we allow it to stop? We have more power in this but most the time we feel like it’s pointless. Have you seen the amount of posts that get shared daily? Tv or social media people can speak their mind & it trends like the news. I wish more people spoke their truth. We don’t have to argue, riot.. we just need to use our voice. When everyone is on the same team.. our voice gets louder & louder. Someone will hear us right?